New-England judged, by the spirit of the Lord. In two parts. First, Containing a brief relation of the sufferings of the people call’d Quakers in New-England, from the Time of their first Arrival there, in the Year 1656, to the Year 1660. Wherein their Merciless Whippings, Chainings, Finings, Imprisonings, Starvings, Burning in the Hand, Cutting off Ears, and Putting to Death, with divers other Cruelties, inflicted upon the Bodies of Innocent Men and Women, only for Conscience-Sake, are briefly described. In Answer to the Declaration of their Persecutors Apologizing for the same, MDCLIX. Second Part, Being a farther Relation of the Cruel and Bloody Sufferings of the People call’d Quakers in New-England, Continued from anno 1660, to anno 1665. Beginning with the Sufferings of William Leddra, whom they put to Death. Formerly published by George Bishop, and now somewhat abreviated. With an appendix, Containing the Writings of several of the Sufferers; with some Notes, shewing the Accomplishment of their Prophecies; and a Postscript of the Judgments of God, that have befallen divers of their Persecutors. Also, An Answer to Cotton Mather’s Abuses of the said People, in his late History of New-England, Printed anno 1702. The whole being at this time Published in the said Peoples Vindication, as a Reply to all his Slanderous Calumnies

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Consisting of: New-England judged, not by man’s, but the spirit of the Lord’ with a separate titlepage dated 1702/3; ’Truth and innocency defended; .. In answer to Cotton Mather’ with separate titlepage dated 1702 and pagination; ’An appendix to the book, entituled, New-England judg’d’ and ’New England judged. The second part’ have separate title pages dated 1702; 1702/3.)


London: printed and sold by T. Sowle, in White-Hart-Court in Gracious-Street 1702/3     $Sold

Second edition, Octavo 7 1/2 X 4 1/2 inches ,[10],113,112-141,152-498,212,[14]p.. this is a beautiful copy bound in nineteenth century red morocco.



This is one of the most important works relating to the Quaker persecution in New England. After reading its contents, Charles II was moved to order the cessation of the persecution. “After three Quakers had been hanged, the colony, under date of Dec. 19, 1660, sent an ‘Humble Petition and Address of the General Court unto the High and Mighty Prince Charles the Second,’ (see lot 106) defending their conduct. This was presented February 11, and printed, and was replied to by Edward Burrough in an elaborate volume, which contains a full account of the first three martyrs (see lot 107). This was followed this year, 1661, by a yet more important volume, by George Bishope, called New England Judged, in which the story of the Quaker persecution from the beginning is told. Bishope lived in England, and published in a first volume the accounts and letters of the sufferers sent over to him. A second volume was published in 1667, containing the narrative of the sufferings and of the hanging of William Leddra, in March, 1661” (Winsor). Bishop’s work is almost journalistic in its detail, tracing the travels and experiences of many individuals penalized for the religious convictions in the New World. The martyrdoms of Dyer, Leddra, Stephenson and Robinson are included, along with details of the whippings and imprisonments of common people and prominent Quakers. Of great interest are the sections detailing the troubles encountered by Quakers who had moved to Long Island to escape New England tyranny, and New England natives who encountered persecution while conducting business in New Amsterdam. VERY RARE: according to American Book Prices Current only the 1703 reprint has appeared at auction in at least thirty years.    The last copy of the first edition recorded at auction is the Harmsworth copy, sold in 1949.


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