Nicolas CAUSSIN S.J., (1583-1651); Estevan de AGUILAR Y ZUÑIGA

Corte Divina, o Palacio Celestial. Primero y segundo tomo, que son diez, y onze de lCorte Santa. Escriviola en lengua latina … N. Causino … y en la Española, el Doct..E. de Aguilar y Zuñiga.

In Madrid, Por Joseph Fernández de Buendia, a costa de Lorenzo de Ibarra, 1675. Price $6,500

Two Quarto volumes: 21 x 15 cm. Signatures Signatures: Vol.I: ¶8, ¶¶4, A-Z8 ; Vol.II π4, A-V8, X4, a-c8, d4. Rare First Edition, none recorded in th U.S. befor the 1750 edition. It is bound in full lace vellum from the period, slightly distorted. Each volume has leaves of other texts as free end pages or pasted down and free end page. In volume one the paste down and free end leaf is from a printed uncut signature D1-8 from a small 10×8 cm. octavo (?) It appears that Joseph Fernandez de Buendia did not print any books this small (Oclc, world cat,et c.) Most likely is is a catechism, in spanish. In volume two one leaf from Orazio Torsellino, Discursos historiales panegyricos de las glorias de la Serenissima Reyna de los angeles en su sagrada casa de Loreto. Madrid : Por Joseph Fernandez de Buendia 1617,or 1671. Old waterstains, and a few signature with originally bad paper. Holes through pages 139-148 with a small loss of text. Modest but interesting and complete copy.

These two volumes are entirely devoted to astrology: wonders of the sky, life and composition of the stars, eclipses, constellations, effects of stars on sublunar creatures, Ephemerities Elegitimate forecasts of astrologers, etc. Very beautiful frontispiece and engraved title page. Modest but interesting and complete copy.

Ref.: ?) Simón Díaz IV-2747; (? Not in DeBacker-Sommervogel, la Bibliothèque de la Compagnie de Jésus

Young Caussin’s success in oratory, particularly after his entry into the Society of Jesus (1609), was brilliant, and drew to him the attention of the royal family. When the kingdom of Henry IV was fast declining under the impotent sway of the queen- regent, Marie de’ Medici, Louis XIII came to the throne. Richelieu summoned Caussin to court to direct the young king’s conscience. The king, who relied implicitly on him, was made to realize that peace would once more reign in his realm and in his own soul when he recalled the queen-mother and other members of the royal family from the banishment in which

they were languishing. Richelieu disliked this advice and accused Caussin of raising false scruples in the king’s mind, and even of holding communications that savoured of treachery or that were at all events disloyal to his sovereign, with another of the royal chaplains. Caussin was at once banished to Quimper-Corentin in Brittany, where he remained until the death of Richelieu in 1643, when he returned to Paris to prepare his works for the press.

Le parallèle de l’éloquence sacree et profane”; “La vie de Sante Isabelle de France, soeur du roi St. Louis”; “Vie du Cardinal du Richelieu”; “Thesaurus Græcæ Poeseos.” For his other works see De Backer, “Bibl. des écriv. de la c. de J.” (Liège, 1855), and Sommervogel (new ed., Liège)


2). 522J   Martin Luther 1483-1546.

            Drey Biechlin zü letst von dem Hochberümbtenn vnnd Ewangelischen Lerer Doctor Martin Luther aussgangenn. Nemlich von dem Deütschen Adel. der heiligē Mesz dem Babstumb zü Rom. 

 [Strasbourg] : [Matthias Schürer Erben], (1521-1522?).    Price $ 1900

Quarto  x  cm. A-B 4 C 8 D-E 4 F 8 G-H 4 I 8 K-L4 M8 N-O4 P8 Q-R4 S6.

Bound in modern 1/4 deer with some hair still on the leather.,  water stained throughout with paper damage in the lower margin, not affecting the text contemporary marginal notes red and capitals stroked in red. 

This is a wonderfully visible example of large bearer type on the reverse of the title page.,

VD 16 L 3763; Luther WA 6: 282 M (and 351 O, 400 P)

;Benzing (Luther) 12; Benzing (Schürer Erben [1961]) 5


A precursor to the Augsburg Confession in low German

519J  Caspar Huberinus. 1500-1553

Sibenzig schlusred odder pun cten von der Rech-ten hand Gottes vnd der gewalt Christi. 

Wittemberg.  [Colophon, A8r]: Gedrückt durch Ioseph Klugk: 1529                                                                                                                               Price $2,750

Quarto: 15 x 10 cm. A8; 8 ff. Early 20th-century binding paper over boards. Some minor wear to extremities. Some marginal damp, leaves guarded and resewn.  Provenance: Sold at Kiefer 19 April, 2013; bookplate on the front pastedown: Ex libris Martin Schupp; manuscript number to head gutter corner of title: R.596 Certainly from a sammelband.

This small pamphlet is a lists of  70 brief expositions on Luther’s doctrine, “rechte Hand Gottes” (dextera Domini), What is in the hand of God is a very tidy and accessible summary of the core tenets of Luther’s stem of the Reformation as they existed in 1529, a year before the Augsburg Confession. And Luther’s Large Catechism.  

VD16 H5418; Bertheau, Carl. “Huberinus, Caspar,” in Algemeine Deutsche Biographie, Vol. 13. (1881) pp 258– 259.  : Gunther Franz, Huberinus-Rhegius-Holbein. Neiuwkoop: B. De Graaf, 1973.   Gatch, M. Library of Leander van Ess, D2010:  see also Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge& Biographisch-Bibliographische Kirchenlexikon ( BBKL )

Fairly rare in American institutions:  I’ve found five copies. Columbia, Princeton, U of Mn Wilson Library (016.242 F857), Concorida Seminary


535J Savonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498.

Libri fratris Hieronymi de ferraria … de simplicitate christiane vite.

>[Parrhisiis in calcog. Asceĩana,] venundat̃ur ab J. Paruo, H. jacobi [London?] ∧ Ascensio, (1510 (3 cal. mr.))

See also 21789.1.  STC (2nd ed.), 21799.6

>Bibliothèque municipale d’Avignon ,>Bibliothèque municipale de Cambrai , Bibliothèque municipale du Mans

Savonarola’s most influential works invoking a simple human life as led by the apostles and a return to the teaching of the scriptures

The SYTC states “Though Jacobi was in Paris 1510-11 and the imprints of 21789.1 and 21799.4 sql. do not mention his London shop it is likely he brought back copies to sell in London. STC vol II p305 # 21789.1;idno=A62263.0001.001

This works called for the Christian faith to be revered with renewed respect and intensified practice, the present volume being no exception. Savonarola called for reform in light of the corruption of the Roman Church and papacy, and commanded his followers to return to Christian doctrine and live a simple, puritanical life away from the excesses of Rome. He claims prophetic gifts, and experienced visions of biblical floods, a new Cyrus that would invade Italy from the north, and predicted Florence would become a New Jerusalem, if people would adhere to his teachings. Having risen to the upper ranks of Florentine life to become its virtual ruler, he fell from grace due to his extreme views and incensement of the mob and was eventually tried and condemned to death.

English STC 21799.8 Imprimeurs & libraires parisiens du XVIe siècle, II, 176. – Ph. Renouard, Bibliographie des impressions et des oeuvres de Josse Badius Ascensius, III, p. 246. – Inventaire chronologique des éditions parisiennes du XVIe siècle, II, 200. – Adams S 478


The true amazons: or, the monarchy of bees

542J. Joseph Warder active 1688-1718.

The true amazons: or, the monarchy of bees. Being a new discovery and improvement of those wonderful creatures. Wherein is experimentally demonstrated, I. That they are all govern’d by a queen. II. The amazing beauty and dignity of her person. III. Her extraordinary authority and power. IV. Their exceeding loyalty and unparallel’d love to their queen. V. Their sex, male and female. VI. The manners of their breeding. VII. Their wars. VIII. Their enemies with directions plain and easy how to manage them, both in straw-hives and transparent boxes; so that with laying out but four or five pounds, in three or four years, if the summers are kind, you may get thirty or forty pounds per annum. Also how to make the English wine or mead, equal if not

London : Printed for John Pemberton, at the Buck and Sun over-against St. Dunstan’s Church in Fleet-street, and William Taylor at the Ship in Pater-noster-row, 1716             Price $ 1,400

Octavo 18 ½ x 11 ½ cm.   signatures: A-H8, I4

The third edition with additions. Engr. Portrait of Warder Bound in Contemporary calf, with raised bands, boards with gilt-ruled border, rebacked with gilt-ruled spine. Red sprinkled edges. Occasional minor spotting. Traces of cautiously repaired worming on portrait and first two preliminary leaves. Contemporary correction on p. 44 where the printed king has been replaced by queen. Inscription on rear board William Tvy His book at Bagshot 1717. 

Without a doubt the concept Warder takes is from Butler’s Female Monarchy . The work, which was considerably in advance of any former treatise and contained many curious particulars concerning the habits of bees as well as practical instructions for their management, went through nine editions, the last of which appeared in 1765 (London, 8vo). It remained the standard work on the subject until it was superseded by John Thorley’s ‘Mελισσηλογία, or the Female Monarchy’ (London, 1744, 8vo). A portrait of Warder, engraved by Henry Hulsberg, was prefixed to his book on bees.

[Warder’s True Amazons; Noble’s Continuation of Granger’s Biogr. Hist. ii. 313; Mills’s Full Answer to Mr. Pellonière’s reply to Dr. Snape, 1718; A Vindication of Joseph Warder and Charles Bowen from Mr. Mills’s Calumnies, 1718. These two pamphlets, which contain some personal particulars, were the products of a petty local squabble in which Warder was involved.

James Gray

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