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Martin Luther

Martin Luther On the “The Sermon on the Mount”

Luther, Martin Luther (1483-1546) Das fünffte, Sechste vnd Siebend Capitel S. Matthei. Wittenberg ,Joseph Klug 1532. Luther preached these sermons on Matthew 5-7 on Wednesdays in 1530-32 while Bugenhagen, the regular weekday Preacher, was away in Lubeck on Reformation-related business. :... Continue Reading →

‘ERESIE’ I choose with my own human reason…

The guilt of heresy is measured not so much by its subject-matter as by its formal principle, which is the same in all heresies: revolt against a Divinely constituted authority. Heresiology "Why Is Contemporary Scholarship So Enamored of Ancient Heretics?"... Continue Reading →

Augsburg Confession 1530

Four Reformation Pamphlets I Like

197J Martin Luther      (1483-1546) Vrsach vnd antwort. das Junckfrawen. Kloster. Götlich verlassen mügen. Augsburg : Heinrich von Steiner 1523   $SOLD Quarto 6 ¾x 5 ½inches. A4,B2 . Bound in 19thcentury boards. The catalyst for this famous Luther letter was the escape... Continue Reading →

Manuscript Postilla of Nicholas deLyra

635G de Lyra, Nicolas. 1270-1340 Postilla super Actus Apostolorum, Epistolas Canonicales et Apocalypism. The codex begins Incipit praefatio sancti Hieronymi pr-bti De corpore epist bean Pauli apopot.. Folio, 11 3/4 X 7 3/4. Manuscript on Paper 386 leaves, ca 1460... Continue Reading →

Anton Koberger’s Biblia Germanica, the ninth German Bible to be printed, appeared in 1483, the year that Martin Luther was born.

169J  Diß durchleuchtigist werck der gantzen heyligen geschrifft. genant dy bibel [Nuremberg] : Gedruckt durch Anthonium Koburger in der löblichen keyserlichen reychstat Nürenberg 1483                                $220,000... Continue Reading →

“Donkey dung, introduced by the devil.”

907G Johannes de Verdena  (d.1437) Sermones Dormi secure vel dormi sine cura de t[em]p[or]e.               [bound with] Sermones Dormi secure de tempore et de sanctis. Nuremberg : Anton Koberger, 12 Mar. 1498Nuremberg : Anton... Continue Reading →

Augsburg Confession 1530

Augsburg Confession 1530

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