Today I decided to re order my shelves according to number of known (listed) copies in American Libraries. These three law books are truly scarce and interesting! Please enjoy reading about them.


798G Anon

The Compleat Sheriff: wherein is set forth, his office and authority; with directions, how and in what manner to execute the same, according to the common and statute laws of this kingdom, which are now in force and use: and the judgments and resolutions of the judges in divers late cases in the several courts of Westminster, relating thereunto. Likewise of Under-Sheriffs and their deputies… to which is added, the office and duty of coroners, and many modern adjudged cases relating to the office of a Sheriff to this time, &c. The second edition, with large additions



London: In the Savoy: printed by John Nutt. 1710                             $2,900

Octavo 7 1/2 X 4 3/4 inches A4, a8, B-Y8, Z7 (lacking medial blank no lacuna) Aa-Kk8, Ll4.

This copy is bound in full contemporary panelled calf, raised bands, gilt spine; lacking label, slight cracking to head of upper joint. Armorial bookplate of the Marquess of Headfort. . Second Edition with additions

This is a “How to” for a sheriff to execute the laws! quite interesting. The images touch on some of the subjects..

DSC_0395 DSC_0396 DSC_0397 DSC_0398 DSC_0399



ESTC T90638, BL, NLW, Oxford & National Trust only in British Isles; Columbia, Harvard & Kansas in North America.

First edition 1696,
Copies – N.America

Columbia University Law Library
Folger Shakespeare
Harvard University Law Library
Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery
University of California, Los Angeles, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
University of Pennsylvania Van Pelt-Dietrich
University of Toronto, Library
Yale University, Sterling Memorial

Second EDN 1700 no copies?
THIS COPY Second Edn 1710
Columbia University Law Library
Harvard University Law Library
University of Kansas, Spencer Research

Second Edn again 1718
Harvard University Law Library
University of California, Berkeley, Law

Third Edn 1727

Boston Public, Main
Columbia University Law Library
Harvard University Law Library
New York Public Library
University of California, Los Angeles. Law
York University Law Library
Copies – Other Supreme Court Library




567G Hieronymus Elenus, Oß, Anton van.. died 1576

Diatribarum seu exercitationum ad jus civile libri tres: quorum primus continet de ratione studii juris orationes tres; secundus, locorum quorundam juris novas explicationes ad legum antinomias; tertius, carmen de regulis juris civilis.



Antwerpen : Christoph Plantin,1576                     $2,000

Octavo 6 1/2 X 4 inches A-K8, L7 (lacking final blank) First edition This DSC_0287copy is bound in full antique style calf, a very nice binding. This text seems to be in Otto, E. Thesaurus juris romani, v. 2.Basileae : Impensis Joh. Ludovici Brandmulleri, 1741-1744,, but maybe this is different? The true book (1576 printing seems very rare and not available electronically)

Elenus, is also listed as an added author on Lancelotti’s Institutionum iuris canonici libri IIII : qui dilucido ordine, atque magna facilitate ad vniuersum ius pontificium expeditissimum aditum parant.
Elenus: Jerome E. . (Elen or Eelen), Dutch lawyer, philologist and methodologists, born probably around 1520-25 to Baelen in Kempen, died at Antwerp in 1576 His father, Andrew Elen., is praised by him as a capable grammarian; he gave his son his first lessons. Jerome went afterwards to Louvain, where Rescius in Greek and Nannius taught in Latin, and where he studied philosophy with special affection; he belonged to the Pädagogium Castrum, and was issued a MA in 1542. In addition, he studied Law, but seems to have satisfied it with the Licence. Mudäus had then held the chair of institutions, and through him the reformed law was introduced to the old Brabant College; Then he went to Orleans, where he worked with Joachim Hopper joined a close bond of friendship. From there they both went to Paris; Elen. heard here the lectures of the then famous John Straselius (from Strazeele at Bailleul), the Demosthenes interpretirte among others. Back in Leuven, Elen He taught lessons in philology and in the jurisprudence. During the latter part of his life he worked in Antwerp as a lawyer. It was here that he wrote his notes on Institutiones Juris Canonici of the Lancelotti, Antwerp in 1566, and This book the “Diatribarum immersive Exercitationum ad jus civile”, Antwerp, Plantin 1576;

This work is included in Otto’s Thesaurus Vol II The first book contains an interesting methodological writing, “Orationes tres de ratione juris studii”; the second number of smaller treatises on various points and issues of the Roman law; the third a rhythmic Paraphrasirung of all the fragments of the title De regulis Juris. – These documents are written in Leuven; Elen. referred to themselves as “non si magni momenti, indignas saltem, quae a tineis et Blattis corroderentur”. Therefore, he decided to collect them and publish. – The little work is dedicated (1574) has been the Brussels Ammann Anton van Oss, Lord of Over-and Nederembeek, Castellan of Vilvoorde, a famous man, the mayor of Brussels and head of the local Spanish party; he was Elenus’ youth comrade and whose father had been his teacher.

VoetPlantin Nr. 1121525G


_______________________________Rainaldi Corsi (Corsetus) 1525-1582

Rainaldi Corsi lectissimi Ivreconsvlti Indagationvm Ivris Libri III :Cum indice.


Venetijs : apud Io. Andream Valuassorem,1568             $2,400

Octavo 6 X 4 inches A-L8 Second edition

This copy is bound in its original limp vellum binding, with the book plate of Los Angeles Law Library. It is a very nice copy.DSC_0306

Scholar, lawyer, judge, and finally bishop, eclectic and prolific intellectual, Corsi took the risk of publishing books of grammar, poetry, music, theater, painting aesthetics but also in technical and legal texts, such as a treaty of agricultural hydraulics, an “order” of cadastre and sewers, a history of St. Quirinus , a treatise on dance, translations of Virgil, biographies of local characters and more.Elected judge and prior of the College of Notaries of Correggio, in 1555, the other work that made him famous, Delle private reconciliations, a manual unprecedented value is on the killings, which analyzes the reasons for the dispute and indicate the paths of reconciliation: a text that had repeated editions, including one in Latin, and dedicate it to Pope Pius IV.A few years later, though, and she left him again, and forever, while he was in the service of Cardinal Girolamo da Correggio in Rome – where he will then some romantic relationships that will give two children: Hercules (recognized in 1580, when is already bishop in Calabria) and Plautilla.In 1567, when Rinaldo was in Ancona, Lombardi was killed in Fabbrico and it was suspected that the murder was arranged by her husband: he rejected the accusation sull’amante the woman, but there were not enough elements for a charge formal or the other, and the murder remained unpunished.Shortly thereafter (1568), Corsi, took vows and assumed increasingly senior ecclesiastical roles : apostolic inquisitor, consultor of the Inquisition, examiner and judge Synod of the referendum Shelf until August 1579, when he was appointed bishop of Stroud.He died between 1580 and 1582 – the absence of a date certain, the period is derived from deeds and administrative – and was buried in the sacristy of the cathedral. First Published in 1563, I could find no copies of this exact edition, it is now available (to the best of my searching) on line or microfilm.