832G Guido de Monte Rochen fl 1330

Manipulus curatorum

[Rome]: Johannes Bulle, 18 Nov. 1478                                      $16,000

Quarto.  [112] leaves ( of 116, lacking the first blank leaf, two leaves of tabula and the last leaf with the register).Collation: a-f8 (-a1, a2, a3 ), g6 h-o8 p6 (-p6). Bound in eighteenth-century half-vellum, marbled covers, inked title on the spine, yellow edges.

45560620_5_x (1)Very rare Roman edition of this famous manual, by Guido de Monte Rochen or Guy de Montrocher who was a Spanish priest and jurist who was active around 1331.

45560620_1_x (1) He is best known as the author of Manipulus curatorum (the manual of the curate), this is a handbook for parish priests, probably first written in the first half of the fourteenth century it  that was often copied, with some 180 complete or partial manuscripts surviving, and later reprinted throughout Europe in the next 200 years. First printed in 1473, with at least 119 printings, and sales which have been estimated to be three times those of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica.(Continuity and Change: The Harvest of Late Medieval and Reformation History …edited by Robert James Bast, Andrew Colin Gow, Heiko Augustinus Oberman) It became obsolete only when the Council of Trent created the Roman Catechism in 1566

Manipulus curatorumAccording to the BMC This is the first book registered as belonging to the press of Johannes Bulle. He printed books (dated) between 1478 to 1479He Described himself in colophons as “Johannes Bulle de Bremis’ as well as ‘Johannes Bremer alias Bulle’ .NOT IN GOFF; ISTC No.: ig00577500 R 931; GfT 2070; Pell Ms 5540 (5533); IGI 4571; BSB-Ink G-444; GW 11790