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Re-occurring Book dream

For the rest of the week I will be doing a semi- on vacation Blog. I am in my office doing some minor construction, updating the climate control et c. But I can't stop writing my blog.. I hope you... Continue Reading →

Politeuphuia, Wits Common-wealth. (another copy!)

345G Over the last twenty years I have been lucky enough to have had and sold  all of the "Wit's series" : Wits commonwealth, Published first in 1597, as the first in a series of which Mere’s "Palladis tamia"( I had... Continue Reading →

IN PERSON Boston International Book Fair this week!

Please Visit My Stand #427 200 early books Middle ages, Renaissance, Early modern Fascicule XL 15th and 16th century books click to follow link Fascicule XLI 17th and 18th Century books On displayed and offered at the 2022... Continue Reading →

I need an assistant for the 2022 BOSTON ANTIQUARIAN BOOK SHOW! November 11-13•| who has –Enthusiasm, Love of books, some pay!!!

I'm looking for a person comfortable and knowledge of books printed before 1699. Having a facility in languages is a plus. If you are an interested person please see my blogs and catalogues and webpage. There will be about... Continue Reading →

Joannis Climaci doctoris spiritualis abbatis in Mo[n]te synai triginta gradus scale celestis nouiter eme[n]dati, ac impressioni traditi.

574J  Climacus, Johannes (approximately 579-approximately 649) Joannis Climaci doctoris                                                              ... Continue Reading →

Where does wisdom come from? Robert Holcot’s answer .

566J  Robertus Holcot. (c. 1290 – 1349) [Super sapientiam Salomonis] Opus preclarissimum eximij d[omi]ni magistri roperti holkot sacre theologie moralissimi at[que] doctissimi p[ro]fessoris ordinis fratru[m] p[rae]dicator[um] sup[er] sapie[n]tia[m] salomonis  qua[m] philo disertissimus collegit .. Jncipit feliciter. Speier: Per me Petrum Drach ciuem... Continue Reading →

Fascicule XXXVII , now in the mail.

If you would like a print copy Please send me an e-mail me jamesgray2[at] Or follow this Link to the a PDF: Or use this QR code. Or follow the links in the index for ISTC listings Continue Reading →

Orinda!!! Katherine Philips: Her Letters

It is not usual to find a printed book which gives us such a vivid depiction of the literary world for 17th century women, this is a great book and I am constantly amazed by it. Please enjoy reading about... Continue Reading →

A Hand full of Favorite books from this the . first Covid 19/20/21- year .

Ok maybe a big armful, or a large table full, or let's just say five of my favorite books all with lots of images and long long descriptions. 353J Alberto da Castello Rosario della gloriosa Vergine Maria 1585469J   Rabanus Maurus. De Laudib[us] sancte Crucis... Continue Reading →

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