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Fasciculus temporu[m] 1485 “The first book printed on history of the world, it is also one of the earliest and greatest of illustrated incunabula.”

Of particular interest is a reference to the invention of printing (in 1454) on the verso of Folio 64. 8) 359J  Werner Rolewinck    1425-1502 Fasciculus temporu[m] omnes antiquo[rum] chronicas strictim complectens felici numine incipit. Prologus. Venice : Erhard Ratdolt, 8 Sept.... Continue Reading →

The First printed tribute to Gutenberg with a date.(1440)

307J Eusebius of Caesarea 260-c. 340   Eusebii Caesariensis episcopi chronicon id est temporum breuiarium incipit foeliciter: quem Hieronymus praesbiter diuino eius ingenio Latinum facere curauit: et vsque in Valente[m] Cesarem Romano adiecit eloquio. Que[m] et Prosper deinde Matheus Palmerius... Continue Reading →

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