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Fascicule XXXVII , now in the mail.

If you would like a print copy Please send me an e-mail me jamesgray2[at] Or follow this Link to the a PDF: Or use this QR code. Or follow the links in the index for ISTC listings Continue Reading →

Ten 500 year old QUARTOS

from 1520- 1480 descending.  176J     Phlip    Melanchthon                              Declamatiuncula in D. Pauli doctrinam :  Epistola ad Iohannem Hessum theologum Vuittenbergae [i.e. Wittenberg] : Apud Melchiorem Lottherum iuniorem, 1520                           $4,500   Quarto 7 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches. A-B4, C6.This is bound in modern boards with a sheepskin spine.  To... Continue Reading →

1492 Rare Freitag printing!

235J    Nicolaus   Tygrinus or Tegrinus or Tegrini (1448-1527) Lucensium Oratio Luculentissima Pont. Maximo Alexandro Sexto per Nicolaum Tygrinu[m] Lucensem Vtriusq]ue] Iuris. [Rome], [Andreas Freitag],15 October 1492       $4,000 Quarto, A4.   First Edition (see below .) This copy is bound in... Continue Reading →

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