235J    Nicolaus   Tygrinus or Tegrinus or Tegrini (1448-1527)

Lucensium Oratio Luculentissima Pont. Maximo Alexandro Sexto per Nicolaum Tygrinu[m] Lucensem Vtriusq]ue] Iuris.

[Rome], [Andreas Freitag],15 October 1492       $4,000


Quarto, A4.   First Edition (see below .) This copy is bound in later black roan & gray boards, spine letters gilt. The binding is slightly worn, and the first leaf is slightly soiled. Ex-libris Walter Goldwater.IMG_3221


This rare and short Oration is a tribute of the City Of Lucca to the election of Pope Alexander VI. This is one of three almost simultaneously published prints of this on October 25, 1492 before the newly elected Borgia Pope Alexander VI. held  this speech. –


“”This was the typical ‘Oratio’ – in the style of the times, both florid and unctous – which extolled the virtues of the Pope, traits which subsequent events failed to confirm!”” (Bühler) According to Buhler’s study, The Freitag printing was preceded by the editions of  Stephan Planck (in Roman type) , whose corrections  Freitag employed in his edition.


CF Bühler, The Earliest Editions of the “”Oratio”” (1492) by Nicolaus Tygrinus (in: Gutenberg JB 1975, pp. 97-99)”

Tygrinus From Lucca. Jurist, he graduated in Bologna in 1472; then he worked as a diplomatic for the City government of Lucca, for the Duke of Milan and for the Pope (Julius II), who named him Governor of Bologna.  In 1514 he retired from public activities to become a religious, archdeacon of the Cathedral in Lucca.



Goff T563; HC 15751*; GfT 1842; Pell Ms 10972; CIBN T-51; Nice 209; IGI 9670; IBE 5542; SI 3893; Madsen 4034; Coll(S) 1419; Sallander 2484; Voull(B) 3540; Martín Abad T-44; Sack(Freiburg) 3350; Oates 1583; Bod-inc T-295; Sheppard 3153; Pr 3968; BMC IV 137; BSB-Ink T-350; GW M45292 In fact printed after Goff T564 and T565 (cf. C.F. Bühler in Gb Jb 1975, pp.97-9). BMC records variants

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Freitag 1492