Today I have catalogued A book by an Irish author, self published and represented in the us by one copy. as you can see above all of his works are uncommon. This book is quite amazing, he must have had access to a quite interesting library.

371J George Pressick (of Dublin)

A plain discovery of the apostasie, superstition, blasphemy, and idolatry of the present Church of Rome. Which may indifferently serve for an answer to Mr. Herbert Thorndike his book, intituled, Just weight and measure, or The present state of religion weighed in the ballance, and measured by the standard of the sanctuary; and also in answer to Dr. William’s [sic] book, Lord Bishop of Osserie, intituled, Antichrist revealed, but never before this time discovered. Shewing that his weight and measure will not hold out weight in the ballance, nor measure by the standard of the sanctuary: and proving also, that the Pope is Antichrist, and hath long since been discovered. By George Pressick

[London]. Printed for the author 1663                                   ON HOLD

IMG_3185Quarto. A4,(a)4  BI4, K2 (no lacuna) L-Z4 ,Aa-Oo4, Pp2. A-O4, P3 (The final leaf (P4) is a blank.) ESTC wrongly states that   [Sig. A1 of ’A plain discovery’ is a blank.] In fact on this leaf in this copy there is an apology for:

        “Printing without a license…. Was not in          any contempt of the law “

This text includes: ’An answer to Grifith Williams Lord Bishop of Ossorie his book, intituled, The great Antichrist revealed’, with caption title and separate pagination and register.

A reply to Herbert Thorndike’s ’Just weights and measures: that is, the present state of religion weighed in the balance, and measured by the standard of sanctuary’ and Gryffith Williams’s ’Ho Antichristos’.


This is an extremely uncommon book, There is one copy in the US recorded by Estc (see below) 9 copies in the UK and none in Ireland.   WorldCat lists 5 member libraries worldwide Copac adds none.



All of Pressick’s work are rare, with the ESTC listing only three of his books in the US.