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Volume primero del espeio de principes y ministros … e nel qual se comprenden varios documentos, advertimientos y sentençias neçessarias al buen govierno del prinçipe y ministros seglares y ecclesiasticos …



357J Martin de Carvallo Villas Boas

Milan : Herederos de P. Poçio, 1598.       $2,900

Quarto 20 X 15 cm. π1/A3, A-R4, (no lacuna) Signature S missigned T , Another-T-Z4, Aa-Nn4.  complete, (Mm3-Nn4 Index)  This is a very nice clean copy bound in a coeval vellum binding .

Carvallo was a Jurist and political writer born in Guimarães in Portugal, active in the second half of the XVI century. He practiced as a lawyer in Milan, this seems to be his only printed work. It also seems to be the only work printed by Herederos de P. Poçio,

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This books seems to me like a legal courtesy book. As far as I can tell it is very ,Very rare.

“Milan was under Spanish control as part of the Hapsburg Empire from 1525 to 1700. So a work in Spanish by a Portuguese-born writer published in Milan during that era of globalization makes sense.”  (from a gentle reader)

Oclc does not locate any copy of this book in the US.