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(Early) Modern Love, Courting, Humor and, ….

                                      Ø      1). Judith Drake An essay in defence of the female sex. In which are inserted the characters of a... Continue Reading →

A rare Irish History, printed in Dublin owned by an American woman slave owner

342J  William Hamilton The life and character of James Bonnel Esq; late Accomptant General of Ireland. To which is added the sermon preach’d at his funeral: by Edward Lord Bishop of Killmore and Ardagh. The life by William Hamilton, A. M.... Continue Reading →

(Early) Modern Love, Courting, Humor and, ….

                                      Ø  1) 415J\ #779 . Anon.), Waring, Robert, 1614-1658. Translated by John Noris. Effigies amoris in English: or the picture of... Continue Reading →

Printed for the author: Without a License

Today I have catalogued A book by an Irish author, self published and represented in the us by one copy. as you can see above all of his works are uncommon. This book is quite amazing, he must have had... Continue Reading →

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