952G            1619-1673

     Pantheum mythicum,seu fabulosa deorum historia, hoc primo epitomes eruditionis volumine.       

Ultrajecti : Vande Water,1698 (1701)                               $1,800


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Octavo. 6 ½ X 3 ¾ inches. Fifth edition. with engraved title-page after J. Goeree and 27 plates by Van Vianen (I van Vianen del et Fec.). Bound in original stiff vellum. The Pantheon, gives the fabulous histories of the gods, and most illustrious heroes, in a short, plain, and familiar method, by way of dialogue. This important manual became a highly important source for the study of mythology for over a century. Mythology was an important part of Jesuit education and this work, became a standard text for school children.

Pomey had intended to write a series of works on antiquity under the title Epitome Eruditionis of which this was the first volume. Pomey was a French humanist and Jesuit. The book was very popular, also at schools in The Netherlands, and stayed in use for over a century, All 17th- century editions are scarce. Pomey drew heavily on earlier writers, especially Boccaccio, Giraldi and Conti, and his work became one of the main sources of classical mythology for the general reader. It was not only read by children, since we find Bayle writing to his brother: “Do for pity’s sake learn how each god was represented – The Pantheum Mythicum describes nicely enough how each god is turned out. Take good note as you read”.


DeBacker-Sommervogel vol.VI, col. 976 no.6