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The Fabulous Histories of Heathen Gods!

952G            1619-1673      Pantheum mythicum,seu fabulosa deorum historia, hoc primo epitomes eruditionis volumine.        Ultrajecti : Vande Water,1698 (1701)                               $1,800 Octavo. 6 ½ X 3 ¾ inches. Fifth edition. with engraved title-page after J. Goeree... Continue Reading →

Ten (more) Books by Jesuits from the 17th Century!

Another short List of some books by Jesuits currently in my inventory. Please enjoy.               271G Campion, Edmund. 1540-1581 Historia Anglicana ecclesiastica : a primis gentis susceptae fidei incunabulis ad nostra fere tempora deducta,... Continue Reading →

62 portraits of Roman empresses

783G Conti, Natale,; 1520-1582. Duval, Jean-Baptiste,; -1632. Vico, Enea, 1523-1567. Augustarum imagines aereis formis expressae : vitae quoque earundem breuiter enarratae, signorum etiam quae in posteriori parte numismatum efficta sunt, ratio explicata . Lutetiae Parisiorum : Apud Macaeum Ruette 1619.... Continue Reading →

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