Index Librorum Prohibitorum  1699, 344G
Index Librorum Prohibitorum 1699, 344G


DSC_0009A few Blogs/Days ago I wrote about a 1644 Index Librorvm Prohibitorvm and I wrote ” ‘collect them all, watch it grow…”   Well because of the blog, some one, an interested and interesting reader

Index Librorum Prohibitorum  ca. 1699 binding  344G
Index Librorum Prohibitorum ca. 1699 binding 344G

offered me one… I ‘had’ to buy it ? Right… and so I did.

It is a special copy in a way that usually goes un appreciated if not unperceived.  But first, Here is an Image of the binding from the above ILP.

This book was never bound in a permanent binding. This is a ‘temporary press paper binding which was probably put on at the printer’s shop, or the bookseller’s. The pages have never been trimmed, evidenced by the presence of deckle edges through the book.  If you click on the image of the binding it will become full-sized and you can clearly see the two alum tawed thongs on which the temporary sewing was done, and which are laced through the paper boards. So for about 300 years this ‘paper back’ has not only survived, but it has not been altered in any way.

There further interesting qualities about this book though, It has no date of printing, which in such an ever-changing text, the date, or up to date ness is important.  Next it is printed in ‘Bassani’ which is short for  Bassano del Grappa (Italy). which is a new one to me, but its printer Antonio Remondinum who published quite a few books from 1650-1720? that is a really long time ,so I suspect father and son. In those 70 years I found  60 titles, including some Jesuit publications and editions of Il Pastor Fido. With all this I only learned that Antinio Remondinum printed quite a few books with out date. The OCLC has dates all over the place for this book from 1600-1740, I think that the 1699 seems reasonable.

Index Librorum Prohibitorum  1699, Title  344G
Index Librorum Prohibitorum 1699, Title 344G

344G Lutius (Lucio), Horatio. 1541-1569.

Index librorum prohibitorum cum regulis confectis per patres à Tri. Synodo delectos, auctoritate Pii IV. primum ed., posteà verò à Xisto V. auctus, et nunc demum S.D.N. Clementis Papae VIII. iussu recogn., & publ.; instructione adiecta, de exequendae prohibitionis, deque sincere emendandi, et imprimendi libros ratione.

 [bound After]

Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Canones, et decreta : cum citationibus ex utroq[ue] testamento, & Juris Pontificii constitutionibus aliisque S.R.E Concil. / ab Horatio Lucio Calliensi … ; hic novissimè praeter piorum IV. & V. Rom. Pontif. bullas, necnon indicem sess. decr. cap. librorumque prohibitorum postremò publicatum ; accessit aurea margarita materiarum, omnes gemmas in ipsis concilii singulis contextibus abditis copiosè depromens ; cum hyacintho omnium conciliorum ex primo sub D. Petro, usque ad Paulum V. per magistrum Mauritium de Gregorio Siculum Ordinis Praedicatorum ; quae omnia hac postrema editione accuratissimè recognita, emendatiora, & uberio

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Bassani : Apud Jo: Antonium Remondinum, [ca. 1699?]                         $1,800

Octavo, 6.5 X 4.25 inches. *8,A-Z8,Aa-Cc8,Dd4. This copy is bound in an original paste paper binding