Every once in a while, I buy and sell a book printed after 1700. This Templar Chronicle is one of them. This book gives not just a chronology but also exact copies of the Papal Bulls, and ordinances of the Templars. This first hand documentation makes this very historically valuable. In a weird way I see this as a law book which might be appropriate for understanding todays Military Contractors??DSC_0014
231g Kolinovics, Gábor (1698-1770). , and Kovachich, Márton György(1743-1821)
Chronicon militaris ordinis equitum Templariorum : e bullis papalibus, diplomatibus regiis, ceterisque instrumentis publicis, tum coaevis, aliisve probatissimis scriptoribus collectum nunc primum ex autographo desumsit; notis illustravit; de patria, vita, fatis & scriptis autoris commentatus est; ejusque, & Templarii icones aeri incisas praefixit; seriem magnorum magistorum, bullam Clementis V. & puncta inquisitionis in Templarios, ac denique seriem ordinum religiosorum & equestrium olim florentium, qui jam desierunt, appendicis loco adjecit junctimque /
Pestini : Litteris Trattnerianis,1789                $2,200
Octavo, 4.5 X 7 inches .  First edition a8,A-I8, A-T8  there are three full page engravings. This copy is bound in eighteenth century pastepaper boards.
 Kolinovics, authored two books ,the book we are offering and  Nova Ungariae periodus, anno primo gynaeco-cratiae Austriacae inchoate, sive comitiorum generalium,  1741 inaugurabatur … libris novem roecensens absolutissima narratio. Edidit Martinus Georgius Kovachich … (Budae, typis Regiae Universitatis, 1790)
 This book on the Templars, unlike much of the literature on the templars contains most of the extant documents and seems to avoid a lot of the ‘mystery’ of the order, In addition to the papal Bulls there is an apendix giving a time line of the templars begining in 1118  and continuing untill 1309 the demise of Jacques de Molay. A further Appendix is a printing of the “Processus Contra Templarios in Regia Anglia  1408 (ex Cod <.S. Bodl T.8>.
 This is a very intreguing collection of early templar documents!