This is a wonderful collection! In my twenty plus years of selling early books I’ve been lucky  enough to have all of them and now I have about a half a dozen of them in my stock.DSC_0114

Echoes from the Vault

spine titles

logo2-1logo-enssib_0On the 15th of May, Hermine Lefebvre, USTC/ENSSIB intern for 2014, completed a wonderful cataloguing project which has seen all of St Andrews’ 17th century editions of Athanasius Kircher added to the online catalogue. Since last year, faculty at ENSSIB have selected one student to come to St Andrews for the spring term to work as an intern for the Universal Short Title Catalogue Project. As part of their internship, the student works one day-a-week in the Special Collections Division of the University Library, learning and practicing advanced bibliographic description and cataloguing using rare book collections.

Hermine arrived in St Andrews at the end of February this year, and was scheduled to work 12 full-time days in Special Collections during her stay here (actually only working 10 full-time days because of scheduling conflicts). The majority of her time in St Andrews was spent working the USTC staff…

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