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Shakespeare's source

English Women in the 17th century: by, for and about. Four books 1600-1684.

FIRST : #749J.  Nathan Parkhurst 1643-1707. The faithful and diligent Christian described and exemplified. Or, A sermon (with some additions,) preached at the funeral of the Lady Elizabeth Brooke, the relict of Sir Robert Brooke Kt. of Cockfield-Hall in Yoxford, Suffolk.... Continue Reading →

Elizabethan Exorcisms

752J  Darrell, John 1562- 1602 A detection of that sinnful, shamful, lying, and ridiculous discours, of Samuel Harshnet. entituled: A discouerie of the fravvdulent practises of Iohn Darrell wherein is manifestly and apparantly shewed in the eyes of the world. not only the... Continue Reading →

Suetonius ILLUSTRATED: Ok I missed the IDES of March, This book, with the first Image of a Caesarian Section arrived yesterday, I had no time to catalogue or picture it.

OK AGAIN, Currently there is no reliable evidence that Roman dictator Julius Caesar was born by the method now known as C-section.  At the time of Julius's birth, there was an prohibition to burring a dead pregnant woman with the fetus... Continue Reading →

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