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Religion and Spirituality

A couple of Incunables

Jacopo de Voragine, Sermones de tempore et de sanctis et Quadragesimales Lyons: [Jean Bachelier and Pierre Bartelot], 8 Aug. 1499        $15,000 Quarto in eight s, 8 x 5.5 in. Three parts in the following order: Sermones de... Continue Reading →

Henricus de Herpf (c. 1410-1477) Sermones de tempore et de sanctis.   Speyer: Peter Drach, [after 17 January 1484, not after 1486] sold Folio: 31.4 x 21.5 cm. 428 leaves, 48 lines, two columns. Collation: “1”8, “2”10, a-m8, n6, o-p8,... Continue Reading →

It seems to me as I look back at the books I’ve bought in the past few months I’ve become interested in Lexica , Alphabetum, Dictionaris and Thesauri.. I’ve bought Legal Lexica by Melonius 1654, Reyger 1697, and König 1695.  ... Continue Reading →

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