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Rare books

A couple of Incunables

Jacopo de Voragine, Sermones de tempore et de sanctis et Quadragesimales Lyons: [Jean Bachelier and Pierre Bartelot], 8 Aug. 1499        $15,000 Quarto in eight s, 8 x 5.5 in. Three parts in the following order: Sermones de... Continue Reading →


Francis Bacon has always been " THE Seventeenth Century in England"  to me, he was a polymath's polymath.  His books are all weirdly accessible and fun to read. Sylva Sylvarum is on of my favorite books to show to people... Continue Reading →

John Donne

Before I begin my rave on John Donne, I would like first send anybody interested to one of my favorite and most useful web sties. Luminarium is the labor of love of Anniina Jokinen. The site is not affiliated with any institution nor... Continue Reading →

Orinda!!! Katherine Philips: Her Letters & Her Poems

In my next montly catalogue  Fascicule no VI I will be Listing there Editions of Orinda's Poems The Unauthorized very rare edition of 1664 (#717G) The first Authorized edition of 1667 And the fourth edition of 1678! It is not... Continue Reading →

The literary tour-de-force in the tradition of Renaissance paradoxical literature.

Tonight I'll begin now, where I am or rather what i'm (re) Reading   again and again.. On being blue: a philosophical inquiry By William Gass is one of my favorite books, "This small but memorable treatise, written "for all who... Continue Reading →

Who was The Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot…..?

I find it hard to pin down who Rochester was, maybe it is because he revealed of much contradictory emotion in his verse, or maybe it is his reputation of which so much is written about displays the uneasy relation... Continue Reading →

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