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Juan Eusebio Nieremberg S.J.’s Book on the wonders of nature, the realities of fabulous monsters. 1643

AS Advertised this book is indeed ; "Very useful work, not only for the curious, but also for Scriptural scholars, Philosophers, and Physicians." 676J Juan Eusebio Nieremberg, S.J. 1595-1658 CVRIOSA Y OCVLTA FILOSOFIA. PRIMERA, Y SEGVNDA PARTE de las marauillas de... Continue Reading →

Against deceitful & superstitious arts. 1592

Against deceitful and superstitious arts: that is, On magic, on the observation of dreams, and on astrological divination, three books.

Three Illustrated books of Natural history: Physical curiosities, Women with Microscopes!  Kircher’s museum in the Collegio Romano

Physica Curiosa (Physica curiosa, sive Mirabilia naturae et artis libris XII. comprehensa; Mirabilia naturae et artis libris XII. comprehensa) 1667 Gaspar Schott 563G Gaspar Schott 1608-1666 P. Gasparis Schotti Regis Curiani E Societate Jesu, Olim in Panormitano Siciliæ, nunc in... Continue Reading →

Mummies, Burning Mirrors, & Snake Stones – An Embattled Kircher Ghost-writes a Defense of His Work

123J [KIRCHER, ATHANASIUS] Petrucci, Gioseffo Prodomo apologetico alli studi Chircheriani. Opera di Gioseffo Petrucci Romano ; nella quale con un' apparato di saggi diversi, si dà prova dell' esquisito studio ha tenuto il celebratissimo padre Atanasio Chircher, circa il credere... Continue Reading →

Four works by Jesuits

841G Fabio Ambrosi Spinola , 1593-1671. Vita del P. Carlo Spinola della Compagnia di Giesù morto per la santa fede nel Giappone : del P. Fabio Ambrosio Spinola dell’istessa compagnia. In Roma : Appresso Francesco Corbelletti, 1628      ... Continue Reading →

An attack on tyrannicide while at the same time defending the Jesuit Order

855G Thomas Pelletier active 1598-1628. De l'inuiolable et sacrée personne des rois :contre tous assassins et parricides qui ozent attenter sur leurs Majestez. Paris : François Huby 1610           SOLD Octavo 6 x 4 inches A-Q8 First... Continue Reading →

Ten (more) Books by Jesuits from the 17th Century!

Another short List of some books by Jesuits currently in my inventory. Please enjoy.               271G Campion, Edmund. 1540-1581 Historia Anglicana ecclesiastic… Source: Ten (more) Books by Jesuits from the 17th Century!

Early books by English Catholics.

    716G John Fisher 1469-1535 Defesio Regie asser=tionis cotra Babylonica captiuitate, per Reuerendum patre & D.D. Joha- nem Roffensem Episcopu. In qua re- spondet pro illustrissimo, eodeq[ue] doctissimo Anglor[um] Rege Henrico .viij. fidei defensore, ad maledicen- tissi-mum Martini Lutheri... Continue Reading →

The Destruction of the Huron Missions at the Hands of the Iroquois

Bressani, Francesco Giuseppe (1612-1672) Breve Relatione d’Alcune Missioni de’ PP. della Compagnia di Giesù nella Nuova Francia. Macerata: Heirs of Agostino Grisei, 1653                                  ... Continue Reading →

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