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11 very rare Polish Jesuit Counter reformation books Bound together

583G  Eleven works bound together, . 1) Vindiciae doctrinae societ: Iesu a Calumniis patroni torunensium anonymi. [Bound with] 2) Apologia Roberti S.R.E. Cardinalis Bellarmini, pro responsione sua ad librum Iacobi     Magnae Britanniae ... [Bound with]          ... Continue Reading →

Back from the Bookbinder!

From Left to Right : 781G Gassendi,  820G Descartes,  695G The Earl of Rochester,  154F Thomas Browne, 904F Pseudo Aristotle, 815G John Fisher.   781G Pierre Gassendi 1592-1655 Petri Gassendi Disquisitio metaphysica seu dubitationes et instantiae: adversus Renati Cartessi metaphysicam... Continue Reading →

Saint John Fisher: English Martyr

ON 22 June, 1535   He was declared guilty, and condemned to be hanged, drawn, and quartered at Tyburn, but the mode of execution was changed, and instead he was beheaded on Tower Hill.  Erasmus said of John Fisher: "He... Continue Reading →

. Rhetoribus Collegii Societatis Jesus Antvverp

In 1980 I published my first poem in a non 'student edited" journal, of course I didn't ascribe my success to my University or even my Religion but such was 1980. Here is a class publication from the Jesuit College... Continue Reading →

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