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Savonarola’s last work !

Savonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498Jncipit Exposicio v[e]l Meditacio f[rat]ris Hieronimi sauonarole de Ferraria ordi[ni]s p[rae]dicatorum in psalmu[m] Jn te d[omi]ne speraui. qua[m] i[n] vltimis dieb[us] du[m] vite sue fine[m] prestolaretur edidit. (Exposicio in psalmum  XXXI In te domine speravi)., n.d. (prob. the ed. Magdenburg, Moritz Brandis), after 1500,     Price:... Continue Reading →

Fascicule XIX PDF is done!

Index XIX 234J Magister Adam also Raymmundus de Pennaforti. Goff A48 (Harvard, Library of Congress, Univ. of California, Law Library,Yale)            245J Guillermus Altissodorensis Goff G718 269J Aquinas Goff  T198 Columbia, Free Library of Philadelphia, Morgan,Huntington, UCLA, U.of Illinois. Continue Reading →

Free Will ~ William of Auxerre, on Peter Lombard.

The first medieval theologian to develop a systematic treatise on free will, the virtues, and the natural law. 245J Guillermus Altissodorensis , or  William of Auxerre, c.1150-1231 (sometimes also called William of Beauvai) Summa aurea in quattuor libros sententiarum : a... Continue Reading →

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