596J   Anonymous, Preface signed  W.S.   


I.   An exact method of preventing or curing all diseases, and grievances incident to children from their birth to 14 years of age: showing their nature, causes and symptoms, with proper remedies, diet and usage.  Also the whole duty of a midwife, wet and dry nurse and such as tend children.  Also how women ought to govern themselves in time of child bearing, to prevent mis-carriage and other matters fit for women to know.

II.  Divers problems according to Aristotle

111.   A book of knowledge according to Aristotle and Erra Pater both useful, curious, necessary and diverting”

[The art of japanning and painting in oil’ is included in Part IV. &  V. The art of japanning and painting in oil ]

London : printed and sold by A. Baldwin, at the Oxford-arms in Warwick-lane 1704 [1705]                                 Price     $1,200

Octavo 15 x 9 cm. Signatures: A-G⁶ (lacking H-to the end.)   First and only  Edition, Bound in 18th century sheep rebacked. The title page has been neatly altered, obscuring the titles of the  IVth and Vth part which are NOT included in this copy. The IVth is – Secrets of angling ‘ and the Vth is ‘‘‘The art of japanning and painting in oil’

New problems of Aristotle, Erra Pater, and other philosophers and physicians, containing divers questions and answers, useful and pleasant, for all people; New book of knowledge, according to Erra Pater and Aristotle. “

Erra-Pater (or Erra Pater) is the assumed name of the author of an astrological almanac first published in 1535, and referred to by Samuel Butler in Hudibras (I.i), and by William Congreve in Love for Love. Cf. Erra Pater, A prognostication for ever, made by Erra Pater, a Jew, born in Jewry, doctor in astronomy and physick, Gale ECCO, facsimile ed. (2010); see also Googlebooks entry; and Erra Pater, (other names, Thomas Isaiah), The new book of knowledge. Shewing the effects of the planets..”

NLM: WZ 260;   ESTC, N8295 (listing no UK editions and four US 2 at Harvard , one at Huntington and one at the National Library of Medicine.

It would be very hard if not impossible to find a page

in these three little books which is not captivating , the contraposition of facts and insites with myths, legends and falsehoods provide a good view of early modern conceptions of the rearing of children.

The suggestions on how to help and explain Dreams and night frights to children is fascinating. Other maladies, Chilblains ,Kybes, earaches.. each addressed. Diets and conditions to control the gender of the expected child and the behaviors in order to ease child birth, the prediction of gender, and their temperaments before birth.. Subjects one after another which are followed by homeopathic remedies.

The two Books on/according to Aristotle are also both fascinating. From how to make a face beautiful, astrological predictions of appropriate trades, with a chart! Question and answers on everything, Hair, Love, earth quakes.