One of the most influential satirical poets of all time.

MARTIALIS, Marcus Valerius Martialis

“He had as much good-nature as wit and pungency in his writings”.

Epigrammata. [liber I – XIIII]

Venezia, eredi di Aldo Manuzio e Andrea Torresano, 1517.

Rare second Aldine edition that follows the first of 1501. Octavo, 160 x 95 mm. Stiff vellum, binding of XVIII century,IMG_4215 label with title on the spine, marbled endpapers, gold edges.

There are a few beautiful initials colored in blue, red and gold. Printer’s device on both the Title page and on the final leaf. Two blue stamps of the Maison d’Orléans with handwritten word “Doubs”. .sometimes called the House of Bourbon-Orléans The house was founded by Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, younger son of Louis XIII and younger brother of Louis XIV, the “Sun King”.

¶ The Epigrammata gives us a very vivid view of Roman life, of special interest are the host of very interesting details of the different dishes and wines of the table, given in Liber XIII.   He praises Italian wines, especially those of Falernia.
¶ The Epigrammata provide brief, vivid, and often extraordinarly humorous (sarcastic) portraits of members of the Roman populace. Martial wrote a number of epigrams for emperors, generals, heroes, among others; but what perhaps marks him as the most innovative epigrammatist in ancient history is that he also, frequently, took ordinary people for his subjects. Martial wrote epigrams on slaves and senators alike, and his work surveys, and satirizes, every level of the Roman social strata. Martial’s epigrams, with their brevity and wit, have often fared better in translation and over the centuries than dense epics and lyrics of his fellow ancient Romans. He remains one of the most enduringly popular of all Latin poets, and he is credited, to this day, as one of the most influential satirical poets of all time. Item #724

Octavo A-Z8, ($4) &8 (& 8 blank & genuine)
The leaves 164 and 165 placed after the leaf 140. Roman and Italic letter.

Adams, M 694. Renouard, “Annales de l’imprimerie des Alde”, p. 81, n° 11, EDIT16 CNCE 37562 Ahmanson-Murphy ƒII p37.

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