I could begin with a time line, But I won’t. There is a spiderweb of Logistics to negotiate, which after 30 years of doing book fairs I still find no direct or orderly way to do. Yet I do have some essential goals, which I think I have polished and then honed and some times cut myself with.

Lots of cataloguing, re|catalogue and spell checking.

My goal is to make it as easy and as fun for those who make it to my as it can be. I want to be able to transfer masses of information, wile not overloading any one. So the Books are open and ready to be looked at paged through and well described.. In many ways.. The “old school” way catalogues are the easiest way for me to point out what you might be interested in. But there are also QR codes of the catalogues which you can look at on your device of choice, with live bibliographic links! Also the books are displayed in an organized way, One century per table! >15th, 16th, 17+

Also I use lots of Table Pedestal signs!

Hand out Price list / index with live links

Two Laptops with searchable databases of my inventory past and present!

So If there is a question about a book on in the booth there is plenty of reading to do about it as you decide if you like it!