534J Claude Paradin 1510-1573.

Devises héroïques et emblêmes de M. Claude Paradin, reveues et augmentées de moytié [par François d’Amboise].

A Paris chez Jean Millot en l’ille du Palais au coing de Harlay vis à vis les Augustins  1614

Price $3,000

Quarto 16 x 10.5 cm. Signatures. ã2, A-X8. First Edition of the expanded French edition/recension.  Fine engraved title, figures at sides, and above, with emblems in roundels, 174 engraved emblems in text, augmented by a commentary by Francois D Amboise, woodcut initials and headpieces This is a beautiful copy with very clear and deep impressions of the emblems. in perfectly original condition, used for hundreds of years, yet very clean and is bound in its original laced case parchment binding with 

Devises héroïques in hand horizontally on the spine.

Paradins Devises Heroïques published in French in Lyons in 1551 by Jean de Tournes was an influential printed collection of 118 emblems or “devises” and included an attached motto. These emblemata became commonly used as markers or models of royal, aristocratic or moral ownership as well as decorative pattern books applied in a variety of crafts including, heraldry, masonry, sculpture, painting, woodcuts or textiles. The 1551 edition was followed in 1557 by an expanded edition, now with 182 “devises” as well as providing a brief explanation of the universal significance of the symbol and how it represents the individual who chose it or to whom the symbol was attributed in the Renaissance as well as the motto.  The new wood blocks for the 1557 edition may be by Bernard Salomon who worked closely with Jean de Tournes.

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