Tomas Vincent.(1634-1678.)

GODS TERRIBLE VOICE IN THE CITY: wherein you have  I. The sound of the voice, in the narration of the two late dreadful judgments of plague and fire, inflicted by the Lord upon the City of London, the former in the year 1665. the latter in the year 1666. II. The interpretation of the voice, in a discovery, 1. Of the cause of these judgments, where you have a catalogue of London’s sins. 2. Of the design of these judgments, where you have an enumeration of the duties God calls for by this terrible voice. By T.V

[London? : s.n.], Printed in the year 1667.       $2,500

Octavo   16 X 9.5 cm. ; Signatures: A2-⁴ B-O8 (lacking O8 Blank, and Blank A1) [This edition has pages 3, 216] 

The other copies are 262pages or 204 pages

 Bound in early quarter calf Not in wing: But Sabin 99678,9
The Great Plague of London, lasting from 1665 to 1666, was the last major epidemic of the bubonic plague to occur in England.  During 1665, the year of the Great Plague of London, he preached constantly in parish churches.

And if Monday night was dreadful, Tuesday night was more dreadful, when far the greatest part of the city was consumed: many thousands who on Saturday had houses convenient in the city, both for themselves, and to entertain others, now have not where to lay their head; and the fields are the only receptacle which they can find for themselves and their goods; most of the late inhabitants of London lie all night in the open air, with no other canopy over them but that of the heavens: the fire is still making towards them, and threateneth the suburbs; it was amazing to see how it had spread itself several times in compass; and, amongst other things that night, the sight of Guildhall was a fearful spectacle, which stood the whole body of it together in view, for several hours together, after the fire had taken it, without flames, (I suppose because the timber was such solid oak,) in a bright shining coal as if it had been a palace of gold, or a great building of burnished brass.