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Europe's printed and hand-written books in the spotlight

Book Owners Onlinehttps://bookowners.online – is a new, freely available online database aiming to build a directory of historic book owners, to help answer questions like “whose is this inscription or bookplate in front of me?”, or “how do I find out if someone owned books, what kind, how many, where they might be today?”

By putting together information about many owners, it also provides opportunities to develop better understandings of any particular private library within a broader contemporary context. It’s an electronic publication of the Bibliographical Society, in partnership with the Centre for Editing Lives and Letters at University College London (where the database has been developed, and is being hosted); getting it to its current state has been funded by the Society, and the Lyell Electors at the Bodleian Library.

It may be observed that we already have online quarries for provenance research. It’s true…

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