320J  Roger Boyle  (A person of honour = Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery. Cf. BM; Halkett & Laing (2nd ed.).The Earl of Orrery. (1676-1731)

English adventures. By a person of honour. Licensed May 12th, 1676. Roger L’Estrange

[London]: In the Savoy: printed by T. Newcomb, for H. Herringman, at the Anchor, on the lower walk of the New Exchange, 1676.        $3,700


Octavo.    [A]1 B-I8 [K]1. (“The end of the first tome of English adventures”–Page 129. No more published.) Bound in modern quarter calf.
 An interesting feature of this book is the neat corrections, which to me look as if it was done by the printer and not a reader. see the images below.

” The family patriarch, Richard, Great Earl of Cork, expressly forbade his children the reading of romances. Upon learning that his sons Roger and Lewis were reading plays and romances while on the Continent under the tutelage of Marcombes (as Robert and Francis would be two years later), he issued a strict order that such corrupting entertainment be stopped.9 The Great Earl’s injunction apparently had little effect, sinice in 1651, Roger, Earl of Orrery, published Parthenissa… a work which, although very closely patterned upon French exemplars, is often considered to be the first modem English romance.10 Roger also bears the credit for introducing rhymed heroic dramas (again modelled after the French pattern) to the English stage… .in fact Roger became a highly-regarded playwright of the Restoration.11 Robert’s strong-willed sister Mary, Countess of Warwick, recounted that she too spent her days “seeing and reading plays and romances.”12 As for Robert, it has long been a staple of Boyle biogra- phers that he shared his father’s Puritanical opposition to romances. Peter Pett, in notes for an unpublished biography, recalled that his friend Boyle, at least once he began ethical and devotional pursuits, never “read either play or Romance; no not so much as those writ by his ingenious brother the earle of Orrery.

” W. S. Clark, The Dramatic Works of Roger Boyle, 2 vols., (Cambridge, Mass., 1937); Eduard Siegert, Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery, und seine Dramen (Vienna, 1906).

Lawrence M. Principe
Journal of the History of Ideas
Vol. 56, No. 3 (Jul., 1995), pp. 377-397 (21 pages)

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