La Pirata

The Ship of Fools Fully Fraught and Richly Laden with Asses, Fools, Jack-daws, Ninnihammers, Coxcombs, Slenderwits, Shallowbrains, Paper-Skuls, Simpletons, Nickumpoops, Wiseakers, Dunces, and Blockheads, Declaring their several Natures, Manners and Constitutions; the occasion why this Ship was built, with the places of their intended Voyage, and a list of the Officers that bear Command therein.

If for this Voyage any have a mind, They with Jack Adams may acceptance find, Who will strain hard ere they shall stay behind. But to assemble these Foles in one bonde. And theyr demerites worthely to note. Fayne shal I Shyppes of euery maner londe.

from the prologue to The Ship of Fools – Translated by Alexander Barclay.

None shalbe left: Barke, Galay, Shyp, nor Bote.
One vessel can nat brynge them al aflote.
For yf al these Foles were brought into one Barge
The bote shulde synke so sore shulde be the charge.

The sayles ar hawsed, a…

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