I love old books, no matter how worn or humble, there is SO much to learn if we take the time.

Echoes from the Vault

Here two of our Lighting the Past project cataloguers retrace their exciting journey of discovery as they uncover the story of one of our new finds.

Like any great detective story, this one begins on quite an ordinary day. In the Lighting the Past office, we can catalogue over a hundred books a day; most are fascinating, some less so, but every once in a while we stumble across a true treasure. The treasure in our chapter today is a sammelband containing four 16th century Parisian works, and involves an endeavour that sent the team on a chase through 500 years of history.

Pic_1_1 Unassuming at first, the 20th century binding (a brown sand grain cloth, with black leather spine label) of Don PA6138.A1 contains a selection of fascinating works all dating between from c. 1527-1537.

In a routine exercise while working our way through cataloguing the Donaldson Collection

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