Today I will be posting a blog on my current copy of Didorus 756G Diodorus Siculus fl. 44 B.C. Bibliothecae historicae libri VI [a Poggio Florentino in latinum traductus] [Paris] : [Denis Roce] Venundantur in vico sancti Iacobi sub signo Ensis. (1505-08) stay tuned!

For peace, against war: literary selections


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Greek and Roman writers on war and peace

Diodorus Siculus: Alexander’s first encounter with military glory


Diodorus Siculus
From The Library of History
Translated by C. H. Oldfather

It is fitting that all men should ever accord great gratitude to those writers who have composed universal histories, since they have aspired to help by their individual labours human society as a whole; for by offering a schooling, which entails no danger, in what is advantageous they provide their readers, through such a presentation of events, with a most excellent kind of experience. For although the learning which is acquired by experience in each separate case, with all the attendant toils and dangers, does indeed enable a man to discern in each instance where utility lies…yet the understanding of the failures and successes of other men, which is acquired by the…

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