The femininʿ monarchiʿ, or the histori of beeʿs. Shewing their admirable naturʿ, and propertis; their generation and colonis; their government, loyalti, art, industri; enimiʿs, vvars, magnanimiti, &c. Together with the right ordering of them from timʿ t timʿ: and the sweetʿ profit arising therʿof. Written out of experiencʿ by Charls Butler, Magd.

Oxford : Printed by William Turner, for đe author, M.DC.XXXIV. [1634]

s-l1600-1 (1)In 1623 George Wither wrote :

When I had view’d this Common-wealth of Bees,
Observ’d their Lives, their Art, and their Degrees,
As; how, beside their painefull Vulgar ones,
They have their Prince, their Captaines, and their Drones:
How they Agree; how temp’rately they Feed;
How curiously they Build; how chastly Breed;
How seriously their Bus’nesse they intend;
How stoutly they their Common-good defend;
How timely their Provisions have provided;
How orderly their Labors are divided;
What Vertues patterns, and what ground of Art,
What Pleasures, and what…

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