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April 2013

Who was The Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot…..?

I find it hard to pin down who Rochester was, maybe it is because he revealed of much contradictory emotion in his verse, or maybe it is his reputation of which so much is written about displays the uneasy relation... Continue Reading →

Corpus juris canonici, a 1661 Edition.

After the last linked post, I decided to to put this one on, it is a venerable and useable copy which would be a great place to start your Law book collection! 179g    Lancelotti, Giovanni Paolo.    1511-1591       Corpus juris canonici emendatum et notis... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to the Corpus Iuris Civilis

An Introduction to the Corpus Iuris Civilis.

The truth about Templars!! Chronicon militaris ordinis equitum Templariorum

Every once in a while, I buy and sell a book printed after 1700. This Templar Chronicle is one of them. This book gives not just a chronology but also exact copies of the Papal Bulls, and ordinances of the... Continue Reading →

The Fourth Crusade: Invia virtuti nulla est via [Ovid] No way is impassable to virtue.

It is my experience that is is not often that the printer's device matches the subject of the book, but in this case Opornius' device is fitting  and optimistic for a History of the Fourth Crusade from the Byzatine perspective.... Continue Reading →

Some sutff about a couple of books

Today, I looked at five books in later bindings covered with re used vellum manuscript leaves, I haven't bought them (yet maybe), but it made me think about this interesting tradition. So I took a couple of pictures of two... Continue Reading →

Modeling History: Making a Stiff-Board Parchment Binding with a Slotted Spine

Modeling History: Making a Stiff-Board Parchment Binding with a Slotted Spine.

The LIVES of the most famous English Poets, from William the Conquer to present times (1687)

Much More fun than Norton's Anthology or even The Oxford companion, Winstanley, gives us snips of biography , literate criticism and examples of long  'lost' poems. This book is the first , I know of, attempting to create a literary... Continue Reading →

A Historical look at Gun Control

  837F  Anon.                                        The Game Law: Or, A Collection Of The Laws And Statutes Made For The Preservation Of The Game Of This Kingdom. Drawn Into a Short And Easie Method, For The Information Of All Gentlemen, And Caution Of... Continue Reading →

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