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Rogues! “His genius being addicted to Poetry”

This is my new Favorite Book! It is quite rare in Original editions , only three US holdings of the first editions, NO copies in the us of the Seconds! It  is without a doubt a fore runner to  Robinson... Continue Reading →

Politeuphuia, Wits Common-wealth. (another copy!)

345G Over the last twenty years I have been lucky enough to have had and sold  all of the "Wit's series" : Wits commonwealth, Published first in 1597, as the first in a series of which Mere’s "Palladis tamia"( I had... Continue Reading →

Tools of the trade

Tonight, I decided to clean up, cataloging old books can be messy, un-packing , reading photographing, researching all leads to lots of stuff lying around. So here is a look at the making of the 'sausage'. First there is the... Continue Reading →

Mysteriously Meaningful

  One of the books I read thirty years ago which I keep reading over and over again is Don Cameron Allen's Mysteriously Meant: The Rediscovery of Pagan Symbolism and Allegorical Interpretation in the Renaissance.  It is a book I found... Continue Reading →

New-England’s Prospect

Today the mail brought me a wonderful book to read, New-England’s prospect. Being a true, lively, and experimental description of that part of America, commonly called New-England: discovering the state of that country, both as it stands to our new-come... Continue Reading →

The literary tour-de-force in the tradition of Renaissance paradoxical literature.

Tonight I'll begin now, where I am or rather what i'm (re) Reading   again and again.. On being blue: a philosophical inquiry By William Gass is one of my favorite books, "This small but memorable treatise, written "for all who... Continue Reading →

A few Really Rare ones, and What is Rare

When I say "really rare" without a modifier, I mean Absolute rarity id est one copy recorded, or no copies listed in  bibliographies, then the modifiers come in, no copy listed in the US, no copy on the Market since... Continue Reading →

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