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Bibliothecae historicae libri VI, Diodorus Siculus a beautiful (post maybe) Incunablum.

  756G Diodorus Siculus fl. 44 B.C.               Bibliothecae historicae libri VI   [a Poggio Florentino in latinum traductus] [Paris] : [Denis Roce] Venundantur in vico sancti Iacobi sub signo Ensis. (1505-08)                    ... Continue Reading →

349G Book of Hours. part II

This post is a continuation of yesterdays, I'm making our way through this wonderful book of Hours, first I'll identify and ramble on about the miniatures, I will be adding to the blog daily as I have time. Because of... Continue Reading →

John Donne

Before I begin my rave on John Donne, I would like first send anybody interested to one of my favorite and most useful web sties. Luminarium is the labor of love of Anniina Jokinen. The site is not affiliated with any institution nor... Continue Reading →

some English Catholic Histories

By way of a few forceable legislative acts made between 1633 and 1634 the Catholic Church in England and Wales,  was abolished by  King Henry VIII . Under the Reign of Henry's daughter Mary 1553-1558, Catholicism was reinstated and supported... Continue Reading →

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