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Fascicule XXVII may 2021 Printed books 1501-1600

YOU CAN view this through you web browser to get the link button to work. TO DOWNLOAD FASCICULE XXVII Push the Download button xxvii-c2a7-16thc.Download TO DOWNLOAD FASCICULE XXVII xxvii-c2a7-16thc.-2Download xxvii-c2a7-16thc.-1Download TO DOWNLOAD FASCICULE XXVII Check the button above. Below you... Continue Reading →

Fascicule XXVI • March XXI

A very short catalogue of a fifteen early printed books in western languages! 353J Alberto da Castello.   Rosario della gloriosa Vergin, 1585   459J Balthasar de Porta. Expositio Canonis Missae. [Leipzig : Böttiger about 1495]. 247J  Jean Clérée (1450–1507)  1522458J David   1610445J Digby, Kenelm, 1603-1665. A... Continue Reading →

New Online Catalogue Fascicule XXII

Fascicule XXII consists fo 47 Early books on various and interesting subjects! Follow the Link  and Please Enjoy            HERE Fascicule XXII Fascicule XXII Fascicule XXII

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