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Protestant Reformation

Five Tracts from the (pre)Counter-Reformation 1525

817G Latomus, Iacobus, 1479-1544. De confessione secreta. sold 817G Latomus, Iacobus, 1479-1544. De quaestionum generibus.sold 817G Latomus, Iacobus, 1479-1544. De ecclesia et humnae legis obligatione. sold 818G Cochlaeus, Johannes, 1479-1552. Pia exhortatio Romae ad Germaniam. sold          ... Continue Reading →

Four early and Important works by Martin Luther

    124H Luther, Martin (1483-1546) Appellatio D. Martini Lutheri ad Concilium a Leone Decimo, denuo repetita & innovata. Wittenberg: [Melchior Lotter the younger, 1520]     $3,800 Quarto: 19.5 x 14.5 cm. 12 p. Collation: A6 With a woodcut... Continue Reading →

‘ERESIE’ I choose with my own human reason…

The guilt of heresy is measured not so much by its subject-matter as by its formal principle, which is the same in all heresies: revolt against a Divinely constituted authority. Heresiology "Why Is Contemporary Scholarship So Enamored of Ancient Heretics?"... Continue Reading →

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