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Jesuit Logic

524G Petrus Fonseca 1528-1599   Petri Fonsecae Societatis Jesu, Institutionum Dialecticarum Libri Octo Quibus Accessit Eiusdem Auctoris Isagoge Philosophica : Cum librorum argumentis, Indice copiosissimo capitum & rerum. – Emendatius quam antehac editi.   Ingolstadt: Ex Typographio Adami Sartorii,, 1611.... Continue Reading →

Four Books from the Sixteenth century

(In chronological order) 723G   Raymond, of Sabunde, .        d 1436 Theologia naturalis sive Liber creatura[rum] specialiter de homine [et] de natura eius in qua[n]tum homo. :[et] de his qu[a] sunt ei necessaria ad cognoscendu[m] seip[su]m [et] Deu[m] [et] om[n]e debitu[m]... Continue Reading →

Witchcraft and Paupers!

379G  Sibylla, Bartholomaeus, active approximately 1434, Nicolaus de Byard (13th century). Speculum peregrinarum questionum eruditissimi viri Bartholomei Sibille Monopolitani ordinis predicatorum, sacre theologie professoris : tres decades complectens in quibus varie questiones de animabus rationalibus in coniuncto, [et] separatis, deq[ue]... Continue Reading →

Philippi Melanchthonis Philosophiae moralis epitomae libri duo

376G      Melanchthon, Philipp.      1497-1560           Philippi Melanchthonis Philosophiae moralis epitomae libri duo emendati & aucti : nam tres virtutes additae, quintus Aristotelis totus immutatus : accessit etiam tractatus De autoritate principum & alter De arbore consanguinitatis & affinitatis, & index copiosus. Argentorati... Continue Reading →

Aristotelis Florum illustriorum

Some times, really more often than not, a second or third edition of a book surpasses the intellectual importance than the first, in obscure books this requires a little reading and understanding contexts. The book I have to write about... Continue Reading →


VIRTUAL PAUL’S CROSS 0 COMMENT  09 MAY 2013   POSTED BY PETER ESCALANTE As the Junius Institute post says, “One of the aspects of the digital age that is especially exciting is the ability to interact not only with source texts but to recreate... Continue Reading →

What is in there? don’t judge a book by its title page?

This is a very common looking book from the outside, it was probably bound in the in the low countries  in the seventeenth century. It doesn't tell me much more, but that is a start. Finding and buying books, as... Continue Reading →

  When I look for books, or rather as I look for books, it seems as though I am always looking at books, book descriptions, bibliographies or reading histories of ideas, I look for authors and titles, which I have... Continue Reading →

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