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“The First Scientific Expedition to New Spain”.

Hernández, Francisco (1514-1587) Rervm Medicarvm Novæ Hispaniæ thesavrvs, Sev Plantarvm, Animalivm, Mineralivm Mexicanorvm Historia ex Francisci Hernandez Noui Orbis Medici Primarij Relationibus in ipsa Mexicana Vrbe conscriptis a Nardo Antonio Reccho Monte Coruinate Cath. Maiest. Medico et Neap. Regni Archiatro... Continue Reading →

Early Music Books

This morning, thursday I've decided to lighten up from the Puritan books and what I've found are their exact Opposite! Music and Dance. Music books were extremely popular in England and yet today they are scarce, perhaps it is because... Continue Reading →

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