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Increase Mather

Four Early Boston imprints 1708-1729

Early Boston books are as rare as any books I sell, Most of these books are not represented fifty miles from the Atlantic seaboard, these examples offered here are in original condition, original Bindings, and with all faults never restored.... Continue Reading →

A narrative of the miseries of New-England, by reason of an arbitrary government erected there.

It Has been a while (maybe two weeks) since I've been so excited by a Book in my stock!610G Increase Mather Like so many books, this is a bit of a sleeper, reading really pays off in this case. I... Continue Reading →

Early (North) American BOOKS!

I have always Loved early American books (for me that means printed in the colonies from 1639-1729 i.e. Evans vol.1) I guess it is their scarcity, their humble bindings and their crude typography and paper, make them particularly attractive to... Continue Reading →

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