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New Online Catalogue Fascicule XXII

Fascicule XXII consists fo 47 Early books on various and interesting subjects! Follow the Link  and Please Enjoy            HERE Fascicule XXII Fascicule XXII Fascicule XXII

Petrus de Rosenheim

299J Petrus de ROSENHEIM(1380-1433)..  (& Sebastian Brant (1458-1521);  Georg Simler aka Relmisius)   [ARS MEMORANDI.] Rationarium Euangelistarum : omnia in se euangelia: prosa. uersu. imaginibusq[ue] q[ue] mirifice co[m]plecte[n]sThomas Anshelm, Pforzheim, 1507.      $SOLD 000 Quarto  8 x 5 3/4  inches:   a-c6... Continue Reading →

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