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History of Law

A Cases of treason!!!!

899G Sir Robert Holborne (-1647-) Fracis Bacon (1561-1626) The learned readings of Sir Robert Holbourne, Knight, Attorney General to King Charles I. upon the statute of 25 Edw. 3. cap. 2. being the statute of treasons. To which is added,... Continue Reading →

337G          Novari, Giovanni Maria & Barbato, Horatio. Tractatvs de miserabilivm personarvm privilegiis, in qvo complvres singvlares materiae ad earum fauorem in vsu forensi quotidianae, & frequentes, tum iuxta iuris communis, quam municipalis regni dispositionem, supremorum totius orbis tribunalium, placita accuratè,... Continue Reading →

Tools of the trade

Tonight, I decided to clean up, cataloging old books can be messy, un-packing , reading photographing, researching all leads to lots of stuff lying around. So here is a look at the making of the 'sausage'. First there is the... Continue Reading →

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