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feminist resistance

Rebecca P. Fowler’s Common Place Friendship Album 1825 Danvers Ma. SOLD

small octavo 20 x 13 cm Pages 1-109 Today's book is quite a treat, It is an unique (as far as I call tell at this point) Illustrated Common Place Friendship Album 1825 Danvers Ma. made for Rebecca P. Fowler.... Continue Reading →

“Wherein he is accused of seducing her, by the abominable doctrines of quietism, into the most criminal excesses of lewdness, and under an appearance of the highest mystical devotion”

WOW! I’ve been having a lot fun reading this one, as did many also in the 1730's. I have seen a few copies of 1732 editions in French and one in German   But in English While it went through... Continue Reading →

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