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Female writing

English Books of Conduct, Behavior,Gender

Seymar, William. (William Seymar is a pseudonymous anagram for William Ramsey.) Cf. Halkett and Laing Conjugium conjurgium: or, some serious considerations on marriage. Wherein (by way of caution and advice to a friend) its nature, ends, events, concomitant accidents, &c. are... Continue Reading →

A female autobiography. Ecstasy and distress

Madeleine Vigneron (1628-1667) La vie et la conduite spirituelle de Mademoiselle M. Vigneron. Suivant les mémoires qu'elle en a laissez par l'ordre de son directeur (M. Bourdin). [Arranged and edited by him.]. Paris: Chez Pierre de Launay, 1689.    ... Continue Reading →

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