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A few months ago ( may 1, I wrote a post about the New Englands Prospect. A true, lively, and experimentall description of that part of America commonly called New England the 1764 edition. Today I have the great pleasure... Continue Reading →

The judgment of whole kingdoms and nations.

There are books which are HUGE, both in size and influence, The King James Bible is one of those as is The Gutenberg  Bible. There are also Documents which in a page or two can change the course of history.... Continue Reading →

New-England’s Prospect

Today the mail brought me a wonderful book to read, New-England’s prospect. Being a true, lively, and experimental description of that part of America, commonly called New-England: discovering the state of that country, both as it stands to our new-come... Continue Reading →

A few Really Rare ones, and What is Rare

When I say "really rare" without a modifier, I mean Absolute rarity id est one copy recorded, or no copies listed in  bibliographies, then the modifiers come in, no copy listed in the US, no copy on the Market since... Continue Reading →

Today I am reading about Edmund Campion 1540-1581, He had a truly amazing life. He changed his faith at a great cost, and he seems to have never backed down or even hid his faith. There are many books on... Continue Reading →

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