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Emblem book

. Rhetoribus Collegii Societatis Jesus Antvverp

In 1980 I published my first poem in a non 'student edited" journal, of course I didn't ascribe my success to my University or even my Religion but such was 1980. Here is a class publication from the Jesuit College... Continue Reading →

Praxis Exercitiorum Spiritualium P.S.N. Ignatti.

In my quest for books which are obviously examples and invitations into the Permutatio, I'm searching my bookshelves for ideas and I found one, a  book with images which are in contrast with any known reality. It is a guide for... Continue Reading →

Mysteriously Meaningful

  One of the books I read thirty years ago which I keep reading over and over again is Don Cameron Allen's Mysteriously Meant: The Rediscovery of Pagan Symbolism and Allegorical Interpretation in the Renaissance.  It is a book I found... Continue Reading →

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