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Early Anthropology

Seven Emblem Books and Two others

To see the web page which goes with this choose the link [in blue] below. Seven Emblem books and two others! Two sort of emblematic books (A&B) and Seven(1-7) emblem books in contemporary or original bindings! 1)   Andres Alciati... Continue Reading →

“First encyclopedia of Classical iconography.”The Early Modern mythographic tradition. Vincenso Cartari

343J  Vincenso Cartari.   1531–1569 Seconda novissima editione delle Imagini de gli dei delli antichi di Vicenzo Cartari ...Ridotte da capo a piedi alle loro reali, & non più per l'adietro osseruate simiglianze. cauate da'marmi, bronzi, medaglie, gioie, & altre memorie... Continue Reading →

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