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Perhaps The first English book by a Pack of Dogs!!!

158J AUTHORS  "Towzer, a Mastiff; Tray, a Spaniel; Lilly, a Hound; Fox, a Lurcher; Beauty, a Lapdog; Snap, a Cur; Trudge, a Carwibble; Smutt, a Sufferer, Cum multis aliis."   The London-Puppies Memorial; complaining of the Great Hardships They have... Continue Reading →

The School Of Recreation: 1710

790G R(obert) H(owllet) fl 1696 The School Of Recreation: Or A Guide To The Most Ingenious Exercises Of Hunting, Riding, Racing, Fireworks, Military Discipline, The Science Of Defence, Hawking, Tennis, Bowling, Singing, Cock-fighting, Fowling, Angling. London : printed for A.... Continue Reading →

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